28 March 2013

San Francisco’s Rusty Fire Hydrants Reimagined As Imaginary Planets

San Francisco film student Adam Kennedy has created a series of amazing imaginary planet illustrations—by turning photographs of rusty fire hydrants into otherworldly globes.

For his project ‘Planet Universe’, Kennedy roams the streets of San Francisco, searching for rusty fire hydrants to photograph.

He picks those that are worn and torn because the rust and chipped paint create a more defined barrier that separates land and sea in the final images.

After capturing the fire hydrants, he uses Photoshop to digitally manipulate them into convincing planets—complete with landmasses and oceans.

Kennedy is currently planning to raise funds on Indiegogo to make calendar and posters of his imaginary planets.

To view more images from his project, please click here.

[via Planet Universe and Wired]