26 March 2013

Infographic: Why Cats Are Better Than Men

Sometimes men are impossible to deal with, thus having a cat as company could be better.

An infographic created by FreeDating.co.uk looks at why cats are better than men, and how to find out if you are a crazy cat lady.

Entitled ‘Why Cats are Better than Men’, the infographic gives various reasons on why felines are better than your ex-boyfriend: you don’t have to pretend to like his mother; he never leaves the toilet seat up; you don’t have to pretend to like his gifts; it’s okay if he rubs up against your best friend; he always comes home sober; he takes care of himself when you go out; he doesn’t leave whiskers in the sink; he matures as he grows older; and he cleans himself daily.

According to the internet, it is evident that cats outdo, and are liked better than, men with 32 million cat videos on YouTube.

But after getting yourself a kitty, beware of becoming a crazy cat lady; here are telltale signs: you create a Facebook page for your cat; you use your cats as blankets; you take your cats on walks; you buy furniture that matches your cat’s fur; you throw birthday parties for your cats; and your Instagram is dedicated to your feline friends.

Click to view entire infographic

Click to view entire infographic

[via FreeDating.co.uk]