26 March 2013

Bill Gates To Fund ‘Next Generation Condoms’

As part of the ‘Grand Challenges Exploration’, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be offering $100,000—with up to $1 million of continued funding—to whoever designs the ‘next generation of condoms’.

Currently, there is drawback from the male perspective that condoms “decrease pleasure” as compared to not using a condom, said the Foundation’s description of the challenge.

The initiative is asking participants to create a new generation of condoms that will “increase sensation” in order to encourage more people around the world to use them regularly—all in the name of global health.

Beside male condoms, the initiative is also looking for cheaper and simpler female condoms to “help reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and spread of STIs, including HIV/AIDS”, Mashable reports.

Proposals for the ‘next generation condoms’ are being accepted at Grand Challenges until 7 May 2013.

Do you have any ideas for the ‘next generation condoms?

[via Grand Challenges and Mashable, image via Shutterstock]