27 June 2014

A Robot Hitchhiking Across Canada Can Talk, Will Post Selfies On Instagram

University professors Dr. David Harris Smith and Dr.Frauke Zellers, along with a group of researchers have created “Hitchbot”—a fully-equipped robot that will hitchhike his way across Canada.

The robot that is the size of a six-year-old child will embark on his journey on 27 July 2014—his built-in GPS, 3G wireless connectivity and camera will equip him to flag down rides, engage in conversations with people, take pictures of them, and post his experiences on social media platforms.

Made from low-tech, everyday materials—a beer cooler bucket for his torso, and a cake saver above his head to protect his artificial brain parts—the robot can be easily recharged by plugging him into the car cigarette outlets.

The project aims to reverse discussions on whether people can trust robots, to ask if robots can trust people.

Find out more about Hitchbot and his hitchhiking journey on his official website, Twitter account, or keep up with his progress on Instagram.

[via Oddity Central]