26 June 2014

LOL: God Receives ‘Client Feedback On The Creation Of The Earth’

Image: Marta Topolska

Are you enjoying your time on planet Earth, or do you think that its design could be improved?

Writer Mike Lacher of McSweeney’s has created a hilarious piece that imagines what a client feedback letter to God about his creation of the Earth would look like—featuring figures of speech that are common in such client-designer exchanges, this fictional letter urges God to improve on various elements of his design.

For instance, the “client” wants to “make this a memorable, high-value experience for our users”, who are “animals that move along the ground”—which explains why they feel that “right now there’s way too much sea” and that “sea does not resonate well with our users”.

Read the entire piece on McSweeney’s for a good laugh.

[via McSweeney’s]