30 June 2014

Defy The Authorities With This Bikini Printed With Images Of Nipples

Chicago-based company The TaTa Top has designed a bikini to allow women to keep their nipples covered while showing them off at the same time.

These bikinis make a statement against laws in certain states in America that prohibit women from being topless. Citing that men are always granted the option of going shirtless, the TaTa Top allows women to defy the authorities in a manner that does not break any laws.

The TaTa Top can be purchased from the company’s website for USD$28, with $5 from every purchase going to a breast cancer charity, the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation.

This top is launched at the height of the Internet’s #FreeTheNipple campaign, championed by filmmaker Lina Esco, who aims to end gender-specific double standards.

[via Huffington Post UK]