30 June 2014

Wonderful Collection Of Typographic Logos Made In The Forms Of Animals

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Arushi Kathuria

India-based creative agency Animal has asked 101 artists from around the world to come up with the most creative design dedicated to the animal they love most—the challenge was to design the logo in the form of the chosen animal.

These works comprised of many amazing out of the box typographic designs—which includes sculptures, paintings, illustrations and even street graffiti.

The project titled “Species”, was supported by Nat Geo Wild India, and was showcased at an event early this year—a coffee table book was also published in partnership with Kyoorius.

Find more amazing animal logo designs here.

Marija Tiurina

Patrick Simons

Harsh Raman]

Sheehij Kaul

Tatiana Kazakova


Maria Sara Rivas

[via Animal]