27 June 2014

A Haunting Photo Series Of The Lives And Rituals Of Urban Shamans In Peru

In Peru, it is not uncommon to visit a shaman instead of a doctor or psychiatrist.

Majority of the Peruvian population consult the shamans, also known as ‘curanderos’, on a wide range of issues from health-related reasons to those concerning businesses or their love lives.

Hence, Italian photographer Andrea Frazzetta hopes to capture this unconventional profession that is so central to the culture of Peru.

In his ‘Urban Shamans’ series, Frazzetta documents the sometimes strange and creepy rituals that these shamans conduct. Often times, such ceremonies involve the use of dead animals and eerie-looking dolls.

Check out more of his work here.

Scroll down for more photos of the unusual profession below.

[via Feature Shoot, images via Andrea Frazzetta]