28 June 2014

A Young Girl's Plea To Google Got Her Father One Week Off Work In July

A recent handwritten note by the daughter of an employee at Google has gone viral on the Internet.

A young girl known only by the name of ‘Katie’ wrote a note to her father’s boss, a senior design manager at Google San Francisco by the name of Daniel Shiplacoff.

In it, she pleads ‘Dear Google worker, can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off. Like he can get get a day off on Wednesday. Because daddy only gets a day off on Saturday.’

She also added that it was her father’s birthday and it is the summer season, indicating that it is the time for playing and spending time with her father.

The Google manager promptly and sincerely responded to Katie’s request, granting him a week off in July.

[via Daily Mail Online]