30 June 2014

A Bizarre Pair Of Shoes With Wedge Heels Filled With Barbie Doll Heads

If you are looking to make a statement with your shoes, the “Stride Bright, Stride Far” wedge by fashion designer Jeffrey Campbell will definitely do the trick.

The soft pink zip-up booties feature a transparent wedge heel that has been filled with the detached heads of several Barbie dolls—we are unsure of the message that this unusual pair of shoes is trying to convey, but it is definitely eye-catching.

What do you think—are these shoes just fun and irreverent or simply kind of creepy?

View more images of the Stride Bright, Stride Far wedge on Modcloth—while it is currently out of stock, you can sign up to be notified if there is a re-stock..

[via Neatorama, image via Modcloth]