30 June 2014

A Mobile App That Lets You Know If You Are Addicted To Your Phone

Are you guilty of using your phone at the expense of real-life interactions happening around you?

iOS developer Kevin Holesh found himself to be in such a situation and this inspired him to create an app called ‘Moment’ to help keep track and control phone usage.

Only required to be opened once for setting up, ‘Moment’ runs in the background and sends out reminders and warnings when you are approaching the phone usage limit that you have set for yourself.

Holesh wrote in a statement, “I designed ‘Moment’ not to encourage you to smash your iPhone with a hammer and never pick it up again. My goal was to find a balance of connected and disconnected that was right for me. I hope ‘Moment’ helps you find that balance too.”

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[via TechCrunch, images via Moment]