28 June 2014

Industrial Designer Creates Wearable Rattle Percussion Sound-Making Rings

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Netherlands-based industrial designer Michiel Cornelissen has created a new type of accessory to complements and create music percussion beats.

The ‘KXX Sound Rings’ that Cornelissen has created are 3D printed, with little beads inside the wearable rattle-shaped rings. 3D printing allows the rings to be manufactured in different colors and sizes, each with the beads enclosed.

His inspiration for the KXX, or caxixi (pronounced kah-shi-shi in Brazilian Portuguese) is taken from the Afro-Brazilian caxixi shaken percussion instrument. The caxixi instrument is typically made from dried gourd, with seeds or other small objects inside.

Watch how it works below:

KXX - 3d printed sound rings from Michiel Cornelissen on Vimeo.