27 June 2014

A Redesigned Female Condom That Is Easier To Use, ‘Makes Sex Better’

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Image by Debby Herbenick

Indiana researchers and founders of custom condom company TheyFit, Debby Herbenick and Frank Sadlo are planning to design a new female condom that is easier to use.

Supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this redesigned female condom would be more elliptical in shape, as compared to the traditional round one.

The objective of creating such a product is to give women alternatives to conventional male condoms—which makes up 99% of condoms in the world—so that they would have the option to still use protection when their partners refuse to.

According to Herbenick and Sadlo, this condom would “make sex better” by reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancies and HIV/STI.

[via Indiana Public Media]