26 June 2014

Photographer Creates Realistic Food Art With Tampons, Piss And Inedible Items

Frozen Tampons

In his quest to find out if food art, made out of inedible ingredients, can still look appetizing, photographer T Q Lee has created a still-life photo series titled ‘Inedible’.

Using items like tampons, rolled socks and even his own piss, check out his realistic photos of inedible things that resembles their edible counterparts here.

Scroll down for more photos below.

Hot Rubber Glove with a Suds Spider

Southern Style Sponge with a half-pint of Piss

Waxed Rolled Socks with Dirty Hot Shaving Cream

Brekky Bricks with a glass of Red Oxide Turpentine

Triple Layer Mud Cake

Bicycle Tyre Burger with Bendy Straws

Kitchen Cupboard Sushi

[via Foodiggity, images via T Q Lee]