30 June 2014

Pentagram App Lets You Choreograph Ballet Pieces With NYC Ballet Dances

If you have ever wanted to try composing a ballet piece, here is your chance—Pentagram has created an app that will keep budding and closet choreographers busy by letting them remix the dance movements of the New York City Ballet.

Created by Abbott Miller for performing arts organization 2wice, Pentagram’s Passe-Partout app allows users to put together dance pieces from graceful movements composed by up-and-coming choreographer Justin Peck.

Peck has composed, performed and filmed eight one-minute dance pieces for your perusal and use on this US$1 app.

Move the dancers on your screen by tapping and tilting your device, and the touch-screen interface will do the rest. You can also reframe multiple dance layers and make them interact with each other.

To jazz up your choreography, take your pick from the eight music layers composed by Aaron Severini, which are also available on the app.

[via Fast Co. Design]