30 June 2014

Breathtaking, Close-Up Photographs Of Huge Ocean Waves Breaking On The Beach

As if surfing in the ocean with its strong waves is not challenging enough, photographer Clark Little pushes himself to showcase shorebreaks—“large waves that break on the shoreline”—in his work.

In his new coffee table book Shorebreak, surfer-turn-photographer includes over 100 wave and ocean photographs shot at beaches near his home along the North Shore of Oahu, and taken during his trips over the last four years to Japan, French Polynesia, California, and Hawaii.

Armed with a waterproof camera fitted with a strobe flash, Little fearlessly shoots behind, beside and inside these large waves in perfect timing—despite the possibility of being forcefully washed up the beach seconds later.

You can view more of his works below, and on his website.

[via Digital Photography Review, images from Clarke Little]