30 September 2013

22 Rules Of Storytelling From Pixar In Pictorial Form

Pixar is widely admired for its strong storytelling principles, so when former storyboard artist Emma Coats tweeted a series of valuable narrative lessons garnered from working at the studio, they were met with nods and affirmation.

Its timeless advice like “You gotta keep in mind what’s interesting to you as an audience, not what’s fun to do as a writer. They can be very different” could easily be applied to anyone working in the field of communication.

Thanks to UX Director Dino Ignacio, those rules are now widely available to all. He created a series of motivational images based on Coats’ tweets, distilling each rule into a soundbite paired with a corresponding scene from a Pixar movie.

Scroll through the rest of the nuggets of wisdom below, and view a similar article where the same rules get a LEGO treatment here.

[via Fast Company]