28 September 2013

A Time-Lapse Video Taken In A Los Angeles Mall, Circa 1990

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California-based filmmaker and animator Joel Fletcher filmed an ordinary time-lapse video of Los Angeles shopping malls circa 1990, and it has recently resurfaced as an intruiguing time capsule of the past.

Shot with a 16mm Bolex camera and accompanied with music by Bjorn Lynne, this short video allows us to look into the past—fashion and hairstyles of 1990s, differences in mall architecture, and so on.

The glitzy multiplexes of today are a far cry from those days. However, many things have remained the same, including: individual behavior in malls, groups of friends hanging out with each other, families on casual shopping trips, and others.

Do you think much has changed between the 1990s and the malls of today?

View the time-lapse video below:

MALL MANIA 1990 time-lapse from Joel Fletcher on Vimeo.

[via The World’s Best Ever]