30 September 2013

Virgin Mobile Creates An Amazing Online Ad That You Can Control By Blinking

[Click here to view the video in this article]

London-based ad agency Mother has created a brilliant piece of advertising content for Virgin Mobile, titled ‘Blinkwashing’.

In this new digital campaign execution, people are required to connect to their webcam to view Virgin Mobile’s Blinkwashing ad.

The entire process starts out with first calibrating your eyes to the screen, and when the webcam has identified your eye blinking patterns, the ad lapses into a video where you are being told why you should switch to Virgin Mobile.

As you watch this piece of content, you may naturally start to blink. That causes the video to change to another random scene instantly, making user experience completely connected with the advertising content.

To experience Blinkwashing for yourself, click here.

View some screenshots of Blinkwashing below:

[via Adverblog]