27 September 2013

A Haunted House Tour That Allows People To Strip Naked

Located in Pennsylvania, the “Scream Park” Shocktoberfest now offers a haunted house tour which allows people to strip naked.

Inspired by the Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid, which features a couple spending 21 days in the wilderness naked, the owner Patrick Konopelski wanted to see if he could do something similar with this idea.

After discussing this ideas with his team, checking with his lawyer and convincing town officials, Konopelski decided to offer the tour to consenting adults, bringing them around the park at specific times when regular visitors are not around.

Those who are shy can go for this in the underwear, which is under the “Nude or Prude option”, and there is the couple option as well, which will be conducted in small groups.

Inappropriate behavior is not allowed, and although there is the “illusion of a very chaotic environment,” Konopelski maintains that it is “safe and secure”.

“It's about vulnerability—people putting their defenses down and not being protected by anything. It allows us to scare them in ways they have never been scared before,” Konopelski told the Huffington Post.

This intriguing tour is available this year, but whether it returns next year is based on public response.

Would you go for this tour?

[via Huffington Post]