30 September 2013

In The UK, IKEA Now Sells Solar Panels To Make The Country Greener

In a bid to make the environment greener, IKEA has started selling solar panels.

Part of a collaboration with the solar energy company Hanergy, these solar panels will be available in stores and will cost UK£5,700, including installation services.

After testing this idea at IKEA’s Lakeside store in July, these solar panels are now sold at the Southhampton store in the UK, while the rest of its outlets will be stocked with solar panels within a period of 10 months.

Shoppers will will be able to consult the staff, ask for design services, as well as get help with maintenance and energy monitoring for solar panels.

Some of the benefits of installing solar panels at home include a reduction of UK£768 a year in bills, with the energy generated cutting the cost by 50%.

Joanna Yarrow, the Head of Sustainability of this furniture giant, says that this initiative is about making a “more sustainable way of life attractive and easy,” appealing to environmentally conscious customers.

What do you think of this green idea?

[via Daily Mail]