27 September 2013

A Notebook With A Cut-Out Space For Phones

Taiwanese design group KBme2 has created a notebook that lets you ‘integrate’ your phone into it, to combine the analog with the digital during idea-generation processes.

The ‘Phone+Book’ has a cut-out space on each page of the entire notebook, such that it lets you place your phone within the notebook to refer to it while on any page.

With it, users can browse for inspiration on their phone, and easily take down notes on what inspires them on the notebook—without looking back and forth at a screen.

The Phone+Book also comes with a cut-out slot for a special pencil that comes with it—the pencil has a stylus on the opposite end of the lead head, so users can tap at their phones using the top of the pencil.

Not only convenient for creatives at work, the handy notebook lets users discreetly check their phones while in boring meetings, to make it look like they’re busy taking down notes.

[via KBme2]