30 September 2013

In New Zealand, A Town Powers Down For An Amazing Star-Gazing Experience

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City-dwellers rarely get to witness the wonders of the night sky due to light pollution—to make sure that artificial light does not block out the brilliance of the stars, the town of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand powers down at night to offer one of the clearest astronomical views in the world.

The best spot to catch this natural phenomenon is at the Earth and Sky Mt John Observatory that stands 1,029 meters above sea level—it is one of only four observatories in the world to dim down ambient light in order to provide a unpolluted view of the night sky.

Visitors can sign up for a tour with the observatory, during which they can expect to get an unmatched view of the “the Magellanic Clouds, satellite galaxies to the Milky Way that are only visible in the Southern Hemisphere”.

To get a taste of the spectacular star-gazing experience that awaits you at Lake Tekapo, watch the time-lapse video below.

[via Lost At E Minor]