30 September 2013

Detergent Brand Creates A Self-Washing T-Shirt To Reach Out To Millennials

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In Warsaw, Poland, advertising agency Leo Burnett has come up with a brilliant activation idea for Tide washing powder that helps the brand connect with school-age millennials.

Taking the cue from an insight that many university-age students still return home from college every Friday with large bags of unwashed laundry, Leo Burnett developed a self-washing T-shirt for distribution amongst university students.

Each T-shirt bore the print of a cartoon ‘mom’ character in a background of tears, presumably the tears that each mother has as they unload their child’s dirty laundry.

To use the self-washing T-shirt, students merely had to toss it into the water and the print of mom’s tears would dissolve and wash the load of laundry.

View how it works below:

[via I Believe In Advertising]