30 September 2013

Animated Fan Petition: Four Rules The New Star Wars Films Should Follow

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Portland-based ad agency Sincerely Truman has released a brilliant animated video-cum-petition titled ‘4 Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again’.

As the title suggests, the video asks director J.J. Abrams—who will be directing Star Wars Episode VII—to not mess up the new films.

According to the video, it informs Abrams that the “setting is the frontier”; “the future is old”; “the Force is mysterious”; and “Star Wars isn’t cute”.

To drive the message across, they even created a website ‘Dear J.J. Abrams’ that allows fans to sign an online petition.

If the petition hits one million signatures, they plan to go to Disneyland to “hand deliver” the petition along with a copy of the video to Abrams.

Star Wars fans, what do you think? Will you be supporting this petition?

Click to watch the video below:

[via Dear J.J. Abrams]