27 September 2013

A Mind-Controlled Robot Leg That Moves Almost Like A Real One

A mind-controlled robot leg has passed its test phase and will be available to more than one million leg amputee Americans.

According to Levi Hargrove, the head scientist of this project, the leg provides “seamless transitions” between a wide variety of leg movements, which include “sitting, walking, ascending and descending stairs and ramps and repositioning the leg while seated.”

The prosthetic leg is able to move almost like a real leg as it is attached to the nerves of the wearer—as these muscles move, the robotic leg is able to analyze and figure out the kind of movement required by the user, executing it with ease.

Zac Vawter, the first recipient of this leg, describes that the device lets him move in a similar manner to how he moved before his amputation, and states that it was better than his previous prosthesis.

There is an aim to give this prosthetic leg a sense of touch in the future, but as for now it looks like movement will be easier for leg amputees.

[via io9, Reuters]