31 October 2013

Motorola Will Make ‘Phonebloks’ A Reality With Its New Phone Platform

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The ‘Phonebloks’ concept conceived by Dave Hakkens was a big hit on the internet—the modular smartphone concept visualized a phone that can help reduce waste. A huge rally of supporters around the world showed that this was a phone worth keeping, and it’s safe to say that their wishes have been granted.

Mobile phone developer, Motorola, has been working for over a year on a modular phone concept called ‘Project Ara’, and it shared a common vision with Hakkens: “to develop a phone platform that is modular, open, customizable, and made for the entire world”.

Together, Motorola and Hakkens will bring the ‘Phonebloks’ concept to life. Motorola is open to suggestions and ideas, and will engage with the ‘Phonebloks’ community through an online platform.

[via Motorola Blog and Phonebloks]