31 October 2013

This Disturbing Video Shows The Incredible Amount Of Photoshop Used In Magazines

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We’re all familiar with magazines employing Photoshop wizardry to touch-up celebrities and models in their pages, but this video, which reveals the amount of digital manipulation used, will shock you.

In the video, an attractive, normal-looking woman is transformed into a human Barbie doll with the help of hair and makeup products, and an intense Photoshop session.

Viewers watch as the woman’s short blonde bob becomes a cascade of artfully tousled golden curls framing her heavily made-up face. Her neck is then lengthened, eyes widened, stomach trimmed and breasts given a lift, while her thighs and bottom are slimmed down, and her skin given a dewy, sun-kissed glow covering every inch of her body.

The result is a lifeless, plastic mannequin rather than a living, breathing human being. The 37-second clip is an edited version of a video created by Global Democracy, a site that provides views on global issues.

While airbrushing movie and pop stars is not unheard of, this is an extreme example of unrealistic beauty standards in the fashion industry that begs the question: how much is too much?

Watch the video below.

[via Yahoo Shine]