31 October 2013

Create Amazing Abstract Or Photorealistic Light Paintings With 'Pixelstick'

Almost anyone can create a simple light painting with a sparkler and a camera that is capable of taking long exposure shots.

However, an intriguing new device created by New York-based Bitbanger Labs, named “Pixelstick”, would enable you to create amazingly complex, or even photorealistic, light paintings.

Consisting of an aluminium pole that has been embedded with 198 full color RGB LEDs, the Pixelstick is able to read images from an SD card and reproduce these images in empty spaces with light.

It can even “increment through a series of images over multiple exposures” to create mind-boggling, time-lapsed light animations.

Users of the Pixelstick need not only move in a linear manner to get a flat light image—free-form movements would create some pretty wonderful three-dimensional patterns and effects, so use it creatively for unexpected results.

The creators of this great light-painting tool has recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter—if you would like to start making some awesome light paintings, pledge for it here.

[via The Creators Project]