29 October 2013

A Photography App That Lets You Create ‘Double-Exposure Photos’

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UK-based start-up Dubble Me Ltd made up of Adam Scott, Uldis Pirags, Ben Joyce and Angelo Semeraro, created an app that lets people from all over the world create double-exposure photographs together.

Dubbed ‘Dubble’, with the app users first shoot or upload a photo, the photo would be randomly mixed with photos of other people’s around the world, to create a stunning double-exposed or shared image.

Liken to shooting with film, co-founder Adam Scott told Creative Review it’s like “doing ‘doubles’—swapping film with others photographers and developing each others’ pictures.”

Scott also added: “We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of images people have uploaded so far and you can create some really nice work with it—provided, of course, that it isn’t hijacked by users posting ‘selfies’.”

Dubble is currently available for free on iTunes.

[via Dubble and Creative Review]