31 October 2013

Adorable Street Art Featuring The Minions From ‘Despicable Me’

Street artist Ernest Zacharevic was in graffiti-intolerant Singapore for a month-long residency—to avoid stiff penalties, he was only able to make his art on private property offered up by supportive citizens.

Among the artworks that he left behind in the city, one of the most eye-catching—and possibly, the most popular too—is a trio of concrete block street dividers that have been painted to look like the much-loved Minions from movie Despicable Me.

When transforming the concrete blocks into the jumpsuit-wearing yellow creatures, he has cleverly included a pile of bananas around one of the Minions, alluding to their funny obsession with the fruit.

You can view images of the other artworks Zacharevic completed in Singapore on his Facebook page.

[via My Modern Met]