31 October 2013

3D Printed Models Of Feces? All In The Name Of Education!

A plastic model artist was recently engaged by a research laboratory to 3D print models of poop in various forms, as easy visual kits for children to learn about fecal matter.

The artist was provided with the ‘Bristol Stool Form Scale’ (BSFS) as a reference. He created custom 3D models of a mock toilet and seven 16.5 cm (diameter) × 3.5 cm (height) resin 3D models depicting each stool type on the BSFS.

The model stools “floated” or “sank” depending on the stool type.

The children were asked to correctly match descriptors of the stools to their models, ranging from “rabbit droppings” and “bunch of grapes” to “porridge” and “gravy”.”.

Alas, the study concluded that the 3D printed model was not better than the previous methods of teaching children, so for now, it’s back to the old drawing board.

The advent of 3D printing has brought about many uses of this technology to print just about anything from prosthetic body parts to new outfits, but this must be one of the most bizarre yet.

[via Discover Magazine]