30 October 2013

Fun Papercraft Infographic Helps You Decide If You Should Take That Design Job

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Papercraft artist Kelli Anderson was commissioned by Adobe to created a fun, interactive memento for the designers who attended the AIGA event—a foldable papercraft infographic, named the “Existential Calculator”, that would help them decide if they should take up a particular job.

This amusing paper calculator wheel asks the user four questions about the job they have in mind—regarding its fit, pay, working conditions and ethics—in order to assist them in making an objective assessment.

For instance, when the job is near-perfect, the answer to the question on working conditions should probably be, “Is this too much fun to be called ‘work’?”.

After one has input the answers to all the questions, a color would be reflected in a hole on the wheel—the red/orange spectrum represents the jobs with the best overall fit.

Always light-hearted and sometimes tongue-in-cheek, this paper wheel calculator may not be the best way to make a decision about a job, but it would definitely help to put things in perspective—or at the very least, let you have some fun while considering your options.

Watch the video below to see this nifty paper wheel in action—you can find out more about it on Anderson’s blog.

[via Creative Bloq]