30 October 2013

Intimate Portraits Of Ethiopian Tribespeople

New York-based art director Diego Arroyo captured some amazing images of the Omu Valley tribespeople in Ethiopia on a recent trip there.

His strikingly intimate portraits of their expressive faces as they go about their daily lives have a poetic beauty that is both tough and soulful.

Arroyo said, “All humans share the same emotions, and that’s what makes us all the same and unique in a very special way. Showing that overall honest connection is the main purpose of my work. In a way, I try to make people relate to the subject, catch glimpses of their deep emotions and personalities, show the underlying magic that deserves to be seen and usually remains unnoticeable. When we understand each other in that kind of way, culture differences become quite insignificant.”

Scroll down to see more pictures below and view a similar portrait series on Kenya here.

[via Flavorwire, images via Diego Arroyo]