31 October 2013

Bank Of England Accused Of Making Jane Austen Look Prettier In Banknote

Although it is known that Jane Austen will replace Charles Darwin on England’s £10 note, the Bank of England has been accused of depicting her inaccurately.

According to Dr Paula Byrne, an Austen biographer, the writer’s appearance has been “prettied up”, akin to a “doll with big eyes”, and is portrayed as a “demure spinster” rather than the witty insightful writer that she was.

Byrne compares Austen’s appearance to a portrait painted by the writer’s sister, Cassandra, stating that the latter managed to show that Austen was a determined and intelligent woman.

Yet the chairman of the Jane Austen Society, Elizabeth Proudman, states that the bank had done their best, and it seems like this image is here to stay.

What do you think—would this change the way Austen will be perceived in the future?

[via Metro.co.uk]