31 October 2013

Just In Time For Halloween: A Spooky Speculative Ad For A Soap Brand

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Production company Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, comprising of creatives Andreas Bruns and Gunnar Heuwold have created a spooky speculative commercial for Lux, the soap brand orginating from the United States of America.

In this spot titled ‘Save your skin’, it sees a scary figure trying to attack a helpless female character in the shower. Alas, she is unfazed and unafraid, because she is using Lux soaps, which saves her skin.

This cinematic spot may just be speculative work for an imaginary German audience, but it is fast gaining traction on the Internet, right on time for Halloween.

What do you think about this piece of work?

Watch the spooky spot below:

[via Ads Of The World]