29 October 2013

A ‘Reverse’ Microwave That Cools Unchilled Drinks In 45 Seconds Or Less

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Thanks to this handy contraption by UK-based company Enviro-Cool Limited, you can readily have a bottle of chilled beer or wine in 45 seconds or less.

Called ‘V-Tex’, it has been dubbed as a “reverse microwave”, capable of rapidly cooling beverages in a matter of seconds.

According to Food Beast, the ‘V-Tex’ uses a “start-stop rotational sequence to create a Rankine vortex” that not only cools the drink, but also prevents carbonated drinks from fizzing out.

It also uses “80% less energy” than standard drink chillers and refrigerators, allowing consumers to save cost and go green.

“V-Tex is the only energy efficient self-refrigerated home appliance and commercial technology designed to rapidly cool multiple beverages in seconds at one time,” wrote the company on its site.

To find out more, watch the video below or head over to its website here.

[via Food Beast and Enviro-Cool Limited]