29 October 2013

A Stylish Mental Health First Aid Kit To Raise Awareness Of Mental Illness

Stockholm creative agency Doberman has designed a stylish and informative mental health first aid kit to raise awareness of mental illness in Sweden.

Launched in collaboration with mental health awareness group Campaign Hjärnkoll, the ‘New First Aid Kit’ aims to encourage people to take pre-emptive action against mental health problems through early detection.

The kit comprises a first aid kit and a mental health self evaluation test with questions designed to detect early symptoms of stress, anxiety and other mental health issues, such as how often one experiences common stress symptoms or has trouble concentrating or enjoying themselves.

It also contains a QR code that links to a mental health information site, a stack of cards displaying the self evaluation test, and a mental health hotline.

The idea for the kit came from a student during a research project with Doberman last summer that examined ways to prevent long term absence from work. It was developed with input from psychologists, behavioral scientists and ex-mental health sufferers, and received private funding from Swedish businesses.

Design director Kristina Carlander says the kit was designed to look like a traditional first aid kit, and the color blue was chosen as it has a calming effect while still standing out.

It is currently being tested in 1,000 workplaces across Stockholm and will be introduced to the rest of the country if the trial is successful.

With mental illness remaining a largely taboo topic even today, Carlander hopes it will erase some of the stigma associated with it and encourage more open discussion about a common but rarely-talked about issue. “I don’t expect it to immediately lead to less people being off sick but hopefully it will encourage a conversation about it, and that’s very important.”

View more pictures of the kit below.

[via Creative Review]