30 October 2013

In Norway, A Store That Sold Fake Hands Made Of Meat Sparks Controversy

Many shops are pulling out all the stops to market their products this Halloween, but Europris, a discount store in Norway, has stirred up controversy by selling fake severed hands in their meat freezers.

The label attached to these products stated that these hands came from a fictional place called “Chop Shop”, even listing down the nutritional information in these products.

Many of these customers started to complain, and this story gained more ground as it was featured on television. The store pulled out its range of gruesome products as a result of the backlash.

Customers have stated that this idea was “creepy”, with one expressing that these products would terrify children.

What do you think—is this a cool idea that was taken too seriously or a poorly executed publicity stunt?

[via Oddity Central and NRK]