30 October 2013

Give Us Your Best Caption: Did Anyone Bring Marshmallows?

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Today’s ‘Image of the Day’ belongs to Ryan Opaz. Congratulations!

Please feel free to use this picture on your non-commercial blog or website. Just make sure to give me credit, that way I feel like you care. You can do it like this: Photo Credit: &lt;a href=&quot;http://www.flickr.com/people/obis/&quot;&gt;Ryan Opaz&lt;/a&gt;<br /><br />If you are a big website with lot's of money or a winery who needs some nice pics, you can use my photos too, but just make sure to email me first: ryanopaz@gmail.com and offer me some compensation. If you don't I will hunt you down! That and I'll send all sorts of evil thoughts your way, both in my head and on twitter, facebook and other social locations. <br /><br />Finally if you like my photos, leave a comment. I like them a lot! <br />Cheers, Ryan

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To help you get off on the right foot every morning, DesignTAXI will be featuring an image everyday from Imgembed, a platform that promotes the fair use of online images, to keep you inspired.

Often described as the 'farmers market for images', Imgembed lets bloggers and web publishers use images fairly and ethically, directly from creators.

In this segment ‘Image of the Day’, you—our very lovely readers—are invited to submit captions to describe the selected image above: just simply tweet it with the page's URL and hashtag #tellapictale, or leave a comment at the bottom.

Winning captions would be featured the following day.

Yesterday's winning caption goes to Mark Crummett: "Wow. That's what I call a cold snap!"

It was pretty cold last night. Poor old sod.

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