29 October 2013

An Infographic That Compares Life In An Ad Agency To A Horror Movie

Those with delicate stomachs may wish to click away from this article. Whil Hiler and Jason Kaufmann, who brought you the Ad Agency Human Centipede infographic, detailing the creative process of an ad agency, have come up with a warped sequel just in time for Halloween.

Ad Agency Human Centipede Infograph Part Two’ features more hilarious and disturbing illustrations of people stitched together to show the chain of command and workflow in an ad agency.

With its examples of processes that show how life in an ad agency is akin to being sewn together and forced to defecate in each other’s mouths, it will either have you nodding your head in recognition or recoiling from your screen in disgust.

The visual may lack the sadistic gore and sheer craziness of the movie from which it takes inspiration, but it hits home close enough to make advertising creatives everywhere shudder.

For maximum gross impact, click the snippet below to view the chart in all its stomach-churning glory.

Click to view enlarged version

[via Fast Company, image via Whit Hiler]