31 October 2013

A Sleek And Futuristic Miniature Luxury ‘Yacht’ That Looks Like A Spaceship

Conceived by Italy based Pierpaolo Lazzarini, this sleek but compact miniature “Jet Capsule” enables you to move around the sea with a lot more ease.

Although this luxury vehicle is only seven-and-a-half-meters long, it fits up to nine people and is furnished with a kitchen, a private bedroom and two sofas. The rooftop is also a great place to sunbathe, too.

The “Jet Capsule” can go up to 25 knots with its 325 horsepower Yammar diesel engine, but this cosy hangout is not made for speed but for those who would like a little more privacy.

Check out this compact but cosy yacht below.

[via Hi Consumption]