30 December 2013

A Fantastic Harry Potter Ministry Of Magic Site That Parodies The UK Government

Harry Potter fan and coder Andy Brown has created a fantastic ‘Ministry of Magic’ website based on the books by J K Rowling.

It is a brilliant parody of the Gov.uk website which was launched in 2012 and it brings together all the information and services of the UK government in one place.

Like the real site, the Ministry of Magic site features information on services such as transport updates, the official duties of its staff written in management speak, ambiguous reports and statistics. Brown has even cleverly incorporated events and characters from the books, and even pops up as a Muggle on the run, wanted for masquerading as a minister.

Head over to the ‘Ministry of Magic’ site and experience it for yourself.

[via Laughing Squid and BuzzFeed, images via Ministry of Magic]