26 December 2013

Photographer Captures People’s Darkest Insecurities On Camera

‘What I Be Project’ is a photo series by photographer Steve Rosenfield, in which he captures the darkest insecurities of people on camera.

He invites his subjects to display their insecurities by writing it on their bodies. He then captures them with his camera; a move which not only seeks to empower them, but to also inspire others as well.

“The ‘What I Be Project’ is all about honestly,” he wrote. “In today’s society, we are told to look or act a certain way. If we differ from these ‘standards’, we are often judged, ridiculed, and sometimes even killed over them.”

“I started this project in hopes to open up the lines of communication, and to help everyone accept diversity with an open mind [and] heart.”

Check out some of his thought-provoking photos below:

[via What I Be Project and So Bad So Good]