23 December 2013

US Airline Offers Free Flights To Passengers Traveling Home For Christmas

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’Tis the season of giving, and airlines have been pretty generous in that department. From WestJet giving passengers what they want for Christmas to British Airways’ 12 day Jumbo Christmas Giveaway, it seems the way to passengers’ hearts is to pile them with freebies.

US airline JetBlue is the latest to hop onto the bandwagon, spreading some holiday cheer by giving out free flights home to people in New York.

The airline searched the rideshare listings on Craigslist for people looking for rides and reached out to a lucky few via video chat, asking them if they could make it to an airport. Their confusion turned to delight when it was revealed JetBlue would be flying them to their destinations free of charge.

The campaign was called ‘#FlyItForward’, and judging from the passengers’ reactions the airline certainly accomplished that.

Watch the video below.

[via Mashable]