23 December 2013

Top 10 Most Overdone Trends In 2013

The internet-enabled world of today is particularly susceptible to viral trends. In this part of our “Year in Review” series, we take a look at some of the ideas and topics that have stood out for how ubiquitous they are. While some of these overdone trends are the usual suspects like LEGO and Star Wars, others like minimalist logo redesigns and mustaches are new to the list. Which one of these trends are you utterly tired of—or are there any of them that you still cannot get enough of?


10. Minimalist, Simplified Logo Redesigns

This year, many of the big brands decided to refresh their logos—and almost all of them opted for minimalist or simplified versions of their original logos. Among the more high profile redesigns include those of the internet giants, such as Google, Firefox and Yahoo. Some designers have also taken the liberty to create concepts of minimalist logos for well-known brands. What do you think—is less really more?

9. Mustaches & Beards

Facial hair has been making a comeback as the it male accessory for some time, but in 2013, mustaches and beards become an almost must-have for any self-respecting fashionable man. This cat, and even this woman, has gotten onto the mustache bandwagon. We have to mention this man who styled his beard into a ramen bowl. And of course, there are few marketing ideas more ingenious than Beardvertising. If you cannot manage to grow your own mustache, you may want to consider a mustache implants.

8. Banksy

Banksy is probably the most famous and successful graffiti artist in the world. This year, he got more people talking about him than ever before with his artist residency in New York City during October. This lead to the creation of 31 new artworks that were featured practically everywhere. Even before this, Banksy was at the center of a media storm when one of his coveted artworks were chiseled off its wall and auctioned. We wonder what the elusive artist would get up to in 2014.

7. Hipsters

In general, people have a love-hate relationship with hipsters—they love to hate them. Hipster-bashing is not exactly new, but this year, it has gone up a notch. However, we found out that being a hipster is not always a choice—one can actually stumble into hipster-hood accidentally. Learn how to identify hipsters from around the world with this infographic or learn how to create a hipster logo for your hipster business.

6. LEGO Minifigs

LEGO has been making our list of overdone trends for the last two years. This year, we turn the spotlight on the beloved minifigs that give life to the LEGO world. People have sent them off to space, made a miniature book about their history for them, and recreated epic scenes from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit with them. And did we mention that they would be starring in LEGO’s first full-length feature film?

5. Disney Princesses

The Disney Princesses have proven to be incredibly versatile and seem to be capable of being reimagined in countless ways. This year, a talented make-up artist has transformed herself into the various fairytale princesses for Halloween, while a cheeky illustrator put them in the controversial outfits of Miley Cyrus. We also took a look at what kind of pictures they would post on Instagram, if they were on the photo-sharing app. Even the Disney princes got in on the make-over action.

4. Superheroes

Like the Disney Princesses, Superheroes have also been a long-standing source of inspiration for designers, artists, illustrators and photographers. In 2013, we had a laugh at these obese superheroes, and wondered about the kind of day jobs and part-time jobs they would have—if ever get tired of crime-fighting. For the superhero wannabe, there is a chart that tells you how to be a superhero. Would you like to see more superhero-inspired projects?

3. Photorealistic Art

It is fascinating how hand-drawn illustrations and paintings can look so uncannily like photographs. This year, many artists have worked with this style. Surprisingly, it took simple tools to create these wonderfully life-like artworks—for instance, a black pen, ballpoint pens and even colored pencils. Can you believe that these images of faces behind steamed up glass were drawn instead of photographed?

2. Star Wars

The force continues to be strong in 2013 and it does not look like we would be getting tired of Star Wars-related projects any time soon. Star Wars officially joined Instagram with a Darth Vader selfie this year, while an artist draws everything he remembers from the films. We have also seen some awesome mash-ups of Star Wars characters and famous people. And did you get Yoda to send your Christmas greetings with these cards?

1. Cats

Our obsession with cats reached new heights in 2013—there is now a magazine for cat lovers. In addition to Grumpy Cat, we have also discovered other cats that are doing very well for themselves—such as this Russian cat, which works as an assistant librarian. Cats are more pampered than ever, with a luxurious hotel and wine made just for them. And who wouldn’t want to spend some time on this cat-filled Japanese island?