27 December 2013

Intriguing, Dramatic Black And White Photographs Of A Lady In The Shadows

Photographer Hanna Seweryn has an intriguing photo series titled ‘Be a Woman’ in which simple movements are transformed into dramatic gestures.

Each photo depicts an unknown lady behind a backlit screen carrying out basic, everyday tasks like combing her hair and having a cup of tea. Simple but powerful, they spark curiosity and conjure fantastic narratives in viewers’ minds. There is a pensive feel about the images which seem to hark back to the past, and the ghostly monochromatic tones add to the mystery.

Seweryn said, “My camera is my most faithful friend. It has enabled me to meet wonderful people and to see seemingly invisible things. Thanks to this passion I can share the way I see the world... my world... enclosed in the shape of a square.”

View her images below.

[via My Modern Met and Faith Is Torment, images via Pages Éparses]