30 December 2013

Striking Photographic Portraits Inspired By 16th Century Paintings

Photographer Klaus Enrique has a striking portrait series titled ‘The Arcimboldo Series’ inspired by the 16th century paintings of Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who was known for his paintings of portraits made from fruits, vegetables, and other objects.

Enrique constructed the large scale paintings using the same materials, imbuing them with a sense of humor and creativity, and expanding his portfolio to include portraits of modern day figures like Ghandi and Darth Vader.

He explained, “Although most recognize the images immediately as portraits, there are many people who do not. At first they only see the individual parts of the image: the fruits, flowers, and vegetables. But after looking at it for a while, they realize that it’s a portrait of a person. To see that thought process being played out in real time is very satisfying to me because it mimics the thinking behind the art: that simple organic objects come together to create something more meaningful than the sum of its parts.”

View Enrique’s portraits below and head over to his site for more of his work.

[via Lens Scratch, images via Klaus Enrique]