23 December 2013

British Airways Gives Out Christmas Goodies For Unwrapping A Digital A380 Jet

British Airways recently ran an online Christmas competition where participants could win prizes for unwrapping a digital A380 jumbo jet.

The ‘Jumbo Christmas Giveaway’ ran for 12 days leading up to Christmas and featured a gift-wrapped A380 plane parked in a photorealistic hangar. Prizes ranged from gadgets to holidays, and luxury hampers.

The digital campaign was developed by the Digital team at Moving Picture Company in collaboration with OgilvyOne, and involved an algorithm that determined a fair and random selection of the winners and a backend capable of handling a high volume of traffic.

Special attention was paid to creating an excellent user experience, which meant replicating the look and feel of unwrapping a real gift, from the texture of the wrapping paper to the ripping techniques.

Check out the Jumbo Christmas Giveaway site and try your luck at winning some prizes.

[via Moving Picture Company]