26 December 2013

A Skincare Boutique In NYC Is Covered With Over 1,000 Copies Of The Paris Review

Skincare brand Aesop’s newest boutique in Chelsea, New York, has a ceiling that is covered with 1,000 editions of the literary journal The Paris Review.

The walls are lined with black-and-white extracts, including photographs and letters. A cast-iron sink with tube lights adorns one side of the store while Aesop products are displayed on free-standing black lacquered shelves on the opposite wall. A small wooden table in the middle of the store displays more issues, and a 1950s-style wooden cabinet at the back functions as a counter.

No two Aseop stores are the same, and the decor appears to be inspired by The Paris Review’s New York headquarters, which are located a few streets away.

According to Aesop founder Dennis Paphitis, he came across the journal in a vintage Melbourne bookstore years ago and has since tried diligently to read every issue while sober.

View more pictures of the store below.

[via Dezeen]